Selangor Journal: Kuala Langat, Sepang almost clear of flood waste, as nearly 700 families get BSB aid

SHAH ALAM, Jan 4 — The post-flood cleaning works in Kuala Langat and Sepang has now exceeded 80 per cent since the waters began to recede on December 20 last year.

However, state executive councillor for rural development Borhan Aman Shah is hopeful that more volunteers will aid in expediting the process in affected areas.

“Based on the information obtained from today’s ground visit, both areas are stabilising but there remains waste, particularly damaged goods that need disposing of.

“I hope volunteers or NGOs can help as there are still victims’ houses that have yet to be cleaned,” he said, after handing over the RM1,000 Bantuan Selangor Bangkit aid to flood victims at Dewan Orang Ramai Bukit Changgang earlier today.

Nearly 41,000 tonnes of bulk waste has been cleared up by eight local authorities, with the most in the Shah Alam City Council’s areas at 16,503 tonnes.

During the course of the day, Borhan handed over the aid to nearly 700 families in Kuala Langat and Sepang, on behalf of the state government.

He said this includes 277 families in Bukit Changgang, and over 400 families in Dengkil, Sepang.

The RM10,000 in aid was also handed over to four families, whose members were among those who perished in the floods.

“The cash contribution today went smoothly, and they did not have to fill in many forms. Just one will do and they will get the aid right away,” Borhan said.

Approximately 8,219 families affected by the floods in Selangor obtained RM1,000 each via the Selangor Bangkit initiative, with an estimated cost of RM8.23 million.

On December 21 last year, the state government allocated RM100 million via Bantuan Selangor Bangkit, following the severe flooding that engulfed several districts in the state between December 17 to December 19.

Up to RM80 million was allocated for infrastructural rebuilding, with the remainder set aside for cleaning operations:

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