Selangor Journal: Selangor Saring offers over 110,000 slots for eight types of screenings

KLANG, May 24 — A total of 115,928 slots for eight types of health screenings will be provided for the Selangor Saring programme that will be held statewide, says Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud.

The state executive councillor for public health said that 31,000 slots had been allocated for physical checks, and blood and urine tests, 12,400 for eye examinations, 1,680 for cervical and breast cancers, 5,936 for faecal occult blood tests and 1,232 to test for prostate cancer.

She said the programme will be held from May 22 until September 4 and would benefit between 500 to 1,000 individuals in each state constituency.

“The programme is for both healthy and ill people because we believe that there are still many out there who are unaware of when they had last undergone a health screening.

“Therefore, we are carrying out this initiative so that they can detect any illnesses early on to get early treatment before it becomes a chronic disease. Prevention is better than cure,” she said during a media briefing session on the Selangor Saring programme at the Wyndham Acmar Hotel, here today.

The two-hour briefing session was also attended by Selangor Public Health Advisory Council committee member Dr Mohammad Farhan Rusli.

Meanwhile, Dr Siti Mariah said that the participants would receive the results from the screenings within 72 hours via the SELangkah app.

“Those who require further treatment would be given an appointment, and the details will be available through the app,” she said.

The Selangor government has allocated RM3.4 million for the Selangor Saring programme, which would benefit 39,000 people, particularly those with a family health history, who are obese or lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

For further information, visit or contact the Selcare hotline at 1-800-22-6600 or the Selangor Community Health Volunteers via

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